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Chofu Wood  (CHW)
Wood-burning water heater

This is a precision-built water heater, especially designed for Hot Tubs. Water is self-circulating using the "thermosiphon" principle. Hot water rises and creates low pressure, which sucks the water from below. This eliminates the need for a circulation pump and electricity, making it possible to heat the water with the heater placed externally. One great advantage is that there will be more space in the tub.

Both the outer stove body and firebox are made of stainless steel. The frame and doors are made of cast iron, which will guarantee you years of trouble-free use. If there is a risk of freezing, the heater must be emptied of water via the outlet vent. The heat from the fire is efficiently transferred to the water through a unique sophisticated construction, making the entire firebox a heat-transferring surface. The total heating efficiency is 14.9 kW.
The Chofu Wood heater is connected to a Hot Tub with the connection kit provided. This consists of a 50 mm PVC plastic pipe, flexible rubber pipes including clamps, one straight connection to the side of the hot tub, and one 90° connection for the base.

  1. Place the heater on an even wood, brick or concrete surface. The heater should be placed 10 cm lower than the Hot Tub to ensure that the upper pipe is diagonal. This is important for circulation and to ensure that the water drains out of the heater during cold weather.
  2. Drill a 60 mm hole for the upper connection pipe (outflow) in the side of the Hot Tub, 190 mm above the base. Drill a similar hole at the base on the opposite side of the hot Tub for the heater inlet pipe.
  3. The straight connection, including pipe, should be screwed tightly to the side and the other connection to the base.
  4. Connect the black rubber pipes to the heater and pipes. It will be easier to connect the pipes if they are oiled with cooking oil. Tighten using the included hose clamps.
The Chofu Wood heater operates as a conventional wood stove, achieving the fastest heating rate from dry wood. The firebox is 46 cm long and 36 cm in diameter. The most efficient heating comes from using dry wood, 40-43 cm long chopped into a thickness of 4 X 4cm. One load burns for approximately at 45 min.
The Chofu Wood heater has a high and low-speed draft for controlling the heating rate. It’s run with the draft wide open for fast heating, and slowed down to maintain temperature once the water is hot.
Chofu Chimney Pipe holder
The chimney is firmly and easily secured to the burner as is displayed on the picture.
• Weather resistant construction
• Stove body of stainless steel
• Frame and doors of cast iron
• Connection parts to the Hot Tub
• Large fire place
• Vented smoke outlet for a secondary combustion
• Discharging vent for the water in order to protect the heater from frost

  1. 46 cm (height) x 58 cm (length) x 41 cm (width)
  2. Weight: 26 kg
  3. Firebox: 46 x 36 x 36 cm
  4. Heat exchanger surface: 0.85 m²
The heating effect varies according to the quality of the wood and how often you put in more wood. The approximate heating effect for the Chofu Wood stove is 14.9 kW. The heating rate of 1 000 litres of water is approximately 12° C per hour.

Hot Tub model Amount of water Start temperature Approx. Heating time to 35 °C
HT150 1200 L 10 °C 2 hours
Note! If seawater is used, rinse the heater with fresh water after use! The same procedure is needed for chlorinated water or if other chemicals are used.

Winter use
The heater should be drained after use if there is a risk of freezing. The self circulation stops when the heater is switched off and the small amount of water remaining in the heater can easily freeze and break the heating system. If water is left in the Hot Tub, it must still be possible to close and empty the heater pipes and heater.

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