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Chofu Propane  (CHG)

Chofu propane gas heater –Efficient heating easily

The Chofu Propane Heater is a high efficiency water heater designed specifically for hot tubs. Water is self-circulating using the "thermosiphon" principle. Hot water rises and creates low pressure, which sucks the water from below. This eliminates the need for a circulation pump and electricity, making it possible to heat the water with the heater placed externally. One great advantage is that there will be more space in the tub, making it possible to choose a smaller model. An external heater is also preferable when considering safety aspects. The gas heater is virtually maintenance free, because it has no loose parts and needs no electricity. Since the construction has been designed for outdoor use, it should not be used indoors. It is weather resistant and can stand outside uncovered even when it is raining. It can also be covered.

  • Operates without electricity
  • Automatic ignition switch
  • Manual remote control
  • Weather proof housing
  • Safety shut-off for over-heating.
43 cm (height) x 43 cm (length) x 25 cm (width),
weight 8.5 kg

The effect of the Chofu Propane heater is approximately 14 kW. The heating speed is approximately 13° C per hour for 1 000 litres of water.

Hot Tub model Amount of water Starting temperature Approx. heating time to 35 °C
HT150 1200 L 10 °C 2 hours
HT180 1800 L 10 °C 3 hours

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