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  1. Pressure side / 50 mm hose
  2. Electric heater
  3. Suction side / T-connector
  4. To "skimmer" / 32mm hose
  5. Filter
  6. Pump & filter connection 90°
  7. Pump & filter connection straight
  8. Pump
  9. Suction side (from base) / 32 mm hose

Note! Electrical heater is included with the filtration system for the HT150 Polar. Otherwise the heater is a separate accessory.)

The filtration pipe system must be connected differently, depending on whether a heater is connected to your Hot Tub or not. These pictures illustrate the differences. The pictures of the base also illustrate where the “vent” part of our bubble system is connected.

Filtration with heater


Filtration without heater


For wood burning or propane heaters the connection is made according to 120200. Without a heater, the connection is made according to 120200P. This system is also used for the HT150 Polar and in Hot Tubs using electrical heating only.

Please note that electrical heating is standard for the Polar model, but is a separate accessory for other systems.

Note! An extra pipe must be added on the pressure side of the filtration system if a heater is connected to the Hot Tub. This is because the location where the pipe is normally connected is now on the “suction” side. This means that filtration should not be working when the heater is warming-up the water. In this situation, filtration would force the water in the wrong direction, meaning that self circulation could not function properly. This would make the water start to boil instead of circulate.


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