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Looking after your deck is very important. Maintenance could not be simpler. No further preservative treatment is required, however we stock a range of brush applied products to ensure the very best care in construction and subsequent maintenance of your deck.

Garden Decking Stain
A semi-transparent matt finish that colours garden decks and provides a water repellent abrasion resistant finish. Available in a range of wood shed and contemporary colours.


Sizes: 2.5 lt.

Garden Decking Cleaner
A fast, effective cleaner specially formulated to remove dirt and grease and kill algae and mould. It also sterilises surfaces to protect against regrowth.

Sizes: 2.5 lt.

Garden Decking Protector
A clear, penetrating treatment for all types of decking. It protects against fungi and rain as well as giving long lasting preservation to prevent rot and decay. Ideal for preserving cut ends of pre-treated timber.

Sizes: 5 lt.

Garden Decking Oil
The traditional way to revitalise garden decks. It gives a rich, natural finish which nourishes and protects.

Decking oil is avilable in 3 colours.

Sizes: 2.5 & 5 lt.