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Not all decking is the same, we buy our deck boards that have been machined from timber sourced from northern latitudes. Because the trees in these northern regions grow slowly the wood fibres are closer together. After manufacturing this close packed structure gives the decking its strength. It also means that the timber will expand less as it absorbs rainwater, less movement means less strain against the fixings and reduces the chances of boards twisting, warping or splitting.


We stock two main deck boards, 34 x 120 finished size and 28 x 120 finished size. Both deck boards are reversible. The 34mm thick boards come deep grooved with a plane finish on the reverse. Because the flat face drains faster than grooved it is less likely to collect debris and so is easier to clean and treat. Smooth boards are ideally suited for fixing with decking clips to give an attractive screw free surface. Smooth boards are also more comfortable to sit and walk on. The 28mm deck boards come deep grooved with a reeded finish on the reverse.

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