Screw Fixings
Price list
  Code Product   Colour Drive Box Price per Box
    Decking Screws          
  DSFHC50 Decking Screw 4.2 x 50mm Green Square 200 5.95  
  DSFHC63 Decking Screw 4.2 x 63mm Green Square 200 8.45  
  DSFHC751 Decking Screw 4.2 x 75mm Green Square 100 5.65  
  DSFHC75 Decking Screw 4.2 x 75mm Green Square 200 11.30  
  Flat head with self-countersinking nibs gives a flush, clean and attractive countersink that locks the screw in tight
  'Stick-fit' square socket drive recess reduces dropped or misaligned screws providing fast and efficient fastening  
  Free square drive bit in every box of 200 screws  
  Excellent capability in all types of timber and new generation wood composites  
  Proprietary corrosion resistant 1,000 hour salt spray and K.S.L green coating for all-weather outdoor applications.  
  Tested for use in ACQ timber treatments in accordance with JIS 1570  
  Code Product Colour Drive 250 Box 50 Bag Single
    Landscape Screws            
  LS100 Landscape Screws 100mm Silver 5/16" hex 90.00 25.00 0.60  
  LS150 Landscape Screws 150mm Silver 5/16" hex 175.00 45.00 1.10  
  LS200 Landscape Screws 200mm Silver 5/16" hex 265.00 72.50 1.60  
  HDB 5/16" Hex Drive Bit         2.50  
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