Text Box: Rope Balusters
    9.50/m Text Box: Brackets
  Brackets are available in Brass, Chrome or Matt Black 

9.50 each

      Slate Blue    
      Green Text Box: End Knots
  End Knots are 7cm in diameter, usually you required two knots                16.00                per knot
      Bright Blue    
      Bright Red    
      Wine Red    
      Gold Text Box: Wooden Mounts
  Plain wooden mounts are ready for use or you can apply paint, varnish, stain or polish

4.50 each

  If the rope is to drape, please add 5% to the overall length required        
Text Box: Ordering Rope Balusters
Text Box: When ordering rope balustrade, please follow the example on the right. Normally you require a knot at each end. The length of rope is measured between the knots (allow 5% if the rope is to drape)
End Knots
Rope Brackets Mounts  
    2 nr 2.30m 5 nr 5 nr  
      Natural Brass Plain  
  16.00 9.50 9.50 4.50  
  32.00 21.85 47.50 22.50  
        Sub Total 123.85
        Postage & Packaging (UK mainland) 10.00
          Total 133.85
Banister Rope
Rope Fittings


Rope Hooks
24 mm Chrome 7.50
24 mm Brass 7.50
36 mm Chrome 16.25
36 mm Brass 16.25


Rope Eye Plate
Chrome 4.95
Brass 4.95
Prices inc VAT   plus Delivery

Manila Rope

Manila Rope
24mm  : 3.50 per meter
Delivery  1-40m : 12.00 +35p/ extra m
36mm  : 4.50 per meter
Delivery  1-20m : 12.00 +45p/ extra m
Poly Hemp Rope
24mm  : 4.95 per meter
Delivery  1-30m : 12.00 +35p/ extra m

Prices inc VAT

Poly Hemp Rope


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